Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

DECARBON-HOME is committed to producing relevant cutting-edge science throughout the project span and scope. To this effect, we have summoned a world-class multidisciplinary Scientific Advisory Board. Through multidirectional, regular flows of information and feedback, face-to-face/virtual meetings and an annual conference, the SAB enables us to be acutely aware of latest scientific developments and aids us to closely relate the results of the project with relevant research conducted elsewhere, thus ensuring the highest impact.


Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

Simin Davoudi

Newcastle University

Professor of Environmental Policy and Planning, Global Urban Research Unit.

Martin Hultman

Chalmers University

Associate Professor, science-, technology- and environmental studies, Centre for Studies of Climate Change Denialism.

Sampsa Hyysalo

Aalto University

Professor of Co-design, Department of Design.

Jesper Ole Jensen

Aalborg University

Senior Researcher, Department of the Built Environment.

Ruut Peuhkuri

Aalborg University

Research Director, Department of the Built Environment.

Harald Rohracher

Linköping University

Professor, Department of Thematic Studies.

Ted Schatzki

University of Kentucky

Professor of Geography, Professor of Philosophy and Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences.