We are looking for diverse households – now, especially families with children and youngsters! – to share their experiences related to housing. The information collected in the study aims to address challenges related to sustainable living.

By participating in the research, we will interview you on everyday aspects of housing as well as themes related to home maintenance and repairs. The interview lasts about 60-90 minutes.

Among the participants, there will be a drawing for one 300-euro (taxable) cash prize.

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Decarbon-Home project

The research is part of a Strategic Research Council funded project Towards carbon-free homes (Decarbon-Home).

Participate – your contribution is crucial!

The project researchers will provide additional information about participating in the study:

Sara-Ellen Laitinen, University of Helsinki (sara-ellen.laitinen(at)

Elina Tikkanen, University of Vaasa (elina.tikkanen(at)

Image: Piia Keto has illustrated project’s research results

DECARBON-HOME has entered its second three-year term, and we are stacking up a great variety of research findings. Now, we are arranging a one-day research seminar that portrays both our researchers and the streams of science along which we collaborate. We thus feature keynotes by two of our senior scientists, professors Jarek Kurnitski and Anne Toppinen, both members of the Finnish Climate Change Panel. Our two focal approaches to decarbonizing housing and construction in Finland – Governance, Business, and Policies and Values, Attitudes, and Practices – bring together researcher presentations in two sets of parallel sessions.

Decarbonizing suburban and rural housing – Citizens as agents of change

Research seminar

When: 19 March 2024
Where: University of Helsinki, Fabianinkatu 33, 3rd floor, auditorium F3003

Welcome to the seminar! See the full program below (or in pdf-format).

You can register your interest by clicking HERE, or by scanning the QR code:

DECARBON-HOME on aloittanut toisen kolmivuotiskautensa, ja olemme jo tuottaneet paljon erilaisia tutkimustuloksia. Nyt järjestämme yksipäiväisen tutkimusseminaarin, jossa esitellään sekä tutkijoitamme että lähestymistapoja, joiden kautta teemme yhteistyötä. Pääpuhujina on kaksi johtavaa tutkijaamme, professorit Jarek Kurnitski ja Anne Toppinen, jotka molemmat ovat Suomen ilmastopaneelin jäseniä. Kaksi keskeistä lähestymistapaamme asumisen ja rakentamisen hiilidioksidipäästöjen vähentämiseen Suomessa – hallinto, liiketoiminta ja politiikat sekä arvot, asenteet ja käytännöt – kokoavat tutkijoiden esitykset rinnakkaisiin sessioihin.

Tervetuloa seminaariin! Katso koko ohjelma alta (tai pdf-muodossa).

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