Julkaisun nimiThe impact of the technical requirements of the renovation grant on the ventilation and indoor air quality in apartment buildings.
KirjoittajatAlo Mikola, Anti Hamburg, Kalle Kuusk, Targo Kalamees, Hendrik Voll, Jarek Kurnitski
JulkaisijaBuilding and environment


In this study, the impact of ventilation requirements set in the conditions of a renovation grant was analysed with field measurements. Effects of renovation measures applied in two grant periods on the air change rate (ACR) and indoor air quality (IAQ) of apartments were examined. CO2 levels and airflow rates were measured in 21 buildings during the first renovation grant period and in 15 buildings in the second grant period. During the first grant period, the average ACR studied apartments was as low as 0.17 h1, and in the second grant period ACR had improved to 0.57 h1, complying with requirements. Room-based ventilation requirements as well as heat recovery and preheating of intake air, mandatory airflow rate and sound pressure level measurement protocols, and third party inspection of design documentation assured adequate ventilation and IAQ in the second grant period. Centralized mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation with heat recovery resulted in best performance but an alternative system with exhaust heat pump and ventilation radiators may also be recommended. We concluded, that the installation of proper ventilation system is a key issue in renovation. The results of the study are a valuable input in designing technical conditions of the renovation grant.

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